[Scribus] svg import

David Christian Berg david
Thu Oct 21 21:16:42 CEST 2004

> > Oh well, Scribus is just not the tool you use with an ease, when you
> > just need something done and don't bother relearning everything... I
> > couldn't find the properties palette (I knew at some point where it is
> > and found it in "tools" now, but expected it in "item") That would have
> > helped a lot have found.
> Tools is appropriate. Item is for items..
> Also, right click on the frame and Show Properties...

Fine, fine :)
It's not really bad ui, I just didn't find it myself. But: talk to the
inkscape developers about it. In inkscape the transform window _is_ in
the object menu item. And I actually think it also makes sense.

> > Anyways, have you tried to stretch an imported svg larger than the page
> > is? When I tried to stretch it across the upper and left border, it
> > would do anything, when stretching it across bottom and right, it
> > seriously screwed up things... and "undo" doesn't seem to work in 90% of
> > the cases, so I was kinda stuck.
> No you cant stretch bigger than the page in 1.2, you can in 1.3. You can 
> resize in properties palette larger than the page though.

Not nice to not be able to, but fine. But then it still shouldn't mess
up things. It's not quite true, that you can't. You can't do this with
groups... that is _very_  (!!) buggy even for not being able to do so,
but single objects (at least rectangles I tried) work just fine.

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