[Scribus] reclassifying a bug

Paul Bissex paul.bissex
Mon Oct 18 18:30:02 CEST 2004

Hi all,

I registered an interface bug at bugs.scribus.net, but accidentally
used the default classification of "Documentation," As a bug reporter
I can't change the classification, and I wonder if it's going to get
lots because of this misclassification.

Can anybody reading this list reclassify it?  It's here:




p.s. A related suggestion -- in the bug reporting interface, the
default category should probably be  "General" instead of
"Documentation".  Better still, make the default blank and require
users to explicitly choose. I've seen other miscategorized bugs in
there.  If help is needed to make that change, I hereby volunteer.

paul bissex, e-scribe.com -- database-driven web development
72?39'71"W 42?19'42"N

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