[Scribus] pdf x1-a, import and scripter requests

Kobus Wolvaardt kobuswolf
Mon Oct 18 15:57:08 CEST 2004


I really need pdfx1-a support. I understand it is pdf 1.3 in cmyk mode.
But our printer's rip doesnt like scribus pdf's (ok with 1.1.7 dislikes
1.2). I can always just distill it with acrobat but that implies that I
need to buy acrobat and a windows pc (I will propably have to and also
buy markzwarez or something like it). I posted a while ago about the
spesific problem (some pdf command) (I was using another email adres). 

Can I ask for official pdfx1-a support?

Also can I ask for the ability to import scribus docs. What I want to do
is import page 1 and 64 as 1 landscape a2 (I can do it with a script or
just save the whole page to scapbook and paste it to bigger document)
but it would be nice if there was an automatic page pairing function (I
know this has been requested a few times but I still think its usefull).

I want to ask for scripter support for checking if text is overflowing.
This is nessesary if you want to do any auto text layout. It sould be
easy to hook the little overflow icon's flag up to a python command. (I
would do it myself if someone could give me crashcourse in the code).

Great job with scribus!!

Kobus Wolvaardt

P.S. Our newspaper (sunday paper called Die W?reld) will start proofing
this month and we will start doing press runs in late December. The
first edition sould be on the streets at the end of February.

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