[Scribus] Scripts, linking frames and setting paragraph sytles

Craig Ringer craig
Mon Oct 18 06:54:20 CEST 2004

On Mon, 2004-10-18 at 11:13, Carol Kankelborg wrote:
> Is there a way to link text frames in a script?  I have a script for 
> creating a set of frames that I want to link, but couldn't find a way
> to do that in the Scripter help manual.

At least in current 1.2cvs:

> Is the Scripter manual complete?  If not, how can I go about finding 
> out all the commands at my disposal for the scripter?

It's generally pretty complete, but if someone does forget to add an
entry in the docs for a function you'll still be able to see the
function using 'dir()' in the script console.

> Another thing  I would like to do is set the paragraph style for a 
> text frame.  I saw commands for setting various text properties, 
> but not paragraph style.

in 1.2cvs:

Craig Ringer

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