[Scribus] digital printing with pruned (?) pictures

David Christian Berg david
Fri Oct 15 22:04:26 CEST 2004

I'm not using Scribus yet, cause the version I have is too slow for me
and not handy really (I'm used to InDesign).
But I'm following the development closely and hope to be able to switch
with everything I need to do to Scribus and Inkscape quite soon rather
than still using corel sometimes and InDesign quite a lot (I hate Corel,
while I love InDesign)
Anyways, the "Beschnitt" would be called "bleed" in Englisch, and I can
hardly believe that there is no such thing as bleed for pdf export. You
must be kidding.

Hoping to be a happy Scribus user quite soon :)


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