[Scribus] Fwd: Scribus Nachrichtensammlung, Band 20, Eintrag 23

Madhulika info
Wed Oct 13 14:20:39 CEST 2004

Hi Craig;  Thank you!!  That did the trick!!  Scribus is back up and 
running, and fully functional!  Now I can go back to finishing the job 
I was working on.
I have found Scribus to be very very useful in creating some great 
promotional materials.  I'll soon be posting some examples of what I 
have used Scribus for...just a matter of few more days.  In fact, due 
to the number of things I have created using Scribus, it has quickly 
become the most often used program on my computer!

Thanks again.


Begin forwarded message:

> On Wednesday 13 October 2004 07:07, Sunil Joshi wrote:
>> I was chugging along quite well with Scribus on my iMac desktop (which
>> has been working fine unlike the laptop installation problems that
>> Martin is familiar with), until suddenly this morning Scribus froze 
>> up,
>> and now refuses to respond.  The only thing I did different was (that 
>> I
>> can think of), I had downloaded Kevin Walzer's Apple Script to start
>> Scribus from Mac desktop (Sorry Kevin!).  I had to finally quit by
>> closing out the xterm.  Starting scribus over again did not help.  The
>> program opens up, and even lets me open a new page or an old page, but
>> at that point the program stops responding.
>> I reinstalled Scribus to no avail.  Wondering if there is a log of
>> freezes/crashes that I could look for and provide you guys to get a
>> better sense of what might be wrong.  Or, if thats not possible, what
>> might be the best way to reinstall the program.  Fink purge didn't 
>> help.
>> Thanks
>> Sunil
>> www.jayateas.com
> Terribly strange. Never heard of something like that before! Suggest 
> you move
> your .scribus directory to a new name and let it create a new one on 
> startup
> to see if that helps.
> Craig

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