[Scribus] Scribus frozen

Sunil Joshi pavansut
Wed Oct 13 07:07:28 CEST 2004

I was chugging along quite well with Scribus on my iMac desktop (which 
has been working fine unlike the laptop installation problems that 
Martin is familiar with), until suddenly this morning Scribus froze up, 
and now refuses to respond.  The only thing I did different was (that I 
can think of), I had downloaded Kevin Walzer's Apple Script to start 
Scribus from Mac desktop (Sorry Kevin!).  I had to finally quit by 
closing out the xterm.  Starting scribus over again did not help.  The 
program opens up, and even lets me open a new page or an old page, but 
at that point the program stops responding.

I reinstalled Scribus to no avail.  Wondering if there is a log of 
freezes/crashes that I could look for and provide you guys to get a 
better sense of what might be wrong.  Or, if thats not possible, what 
might be the best way to reinstall the program.  Fink purge didn't help.


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