[Scribus] ongoing... compiling problem

Craig Ringer craig
Wed Oct 6 02:16:13 CEST 2004

On Wed, 2004-10-06 at 07:57, Matt Haber wrote:
> This is mostly FYI and somewhat OT....
> My computer locks up when compiling QT 3.3.3. I've sent a msg to 
> Trolltech, but if anyone here has any suggestions, i'd appreciate 
> that. (RH9 on a 1GHz Athlon)

It strikes me as extremely unlikely that a crash or lock up will have
much to do with the software you are compiling. It's much more likely to
be a hardware fault - I'd check the memory, CPU temperature, run a
filesystem check and use the manufacturers' disk tools (or smartctl) to
test my disk(s).

When I've had issues like this in the past it has almost _always_ been
hardware, with the very occasional bad driver instead.

Try compiling something else big - the Linux kernel in a while loop for
example - and see if you can crash it with that.

Craig Ringer

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