[Scribus] Make error Oct3

Tom2 tjakabfy
Wed Oct 6 02:14:05 CEST 2004

Here is what it says after I do the make -f Makefile.dist I get the 
following 6 messages.

FreeType2 installed: Yes
CUPS installed:      No
LittleCMS installed: No
TiffLib installed:   Yes
Libxml2 installed:   No
Using Python 2.3

However, I don't know what to believe from this since my printer works 
fine and is a Cups printer. I have the following libraries installed 
concerning libxml2:


This is according to theMandrake package manager.


Riku Leino (Tsoots) wrote:

> Tom2 wrote:
>> still only .txt and .csv for text import!
> What does configure say when it's finished about libxml2. If no 
> libxml2 (xml2-config) is found there won't be support for html/sxw 
> importer built.
> Libxml2 search should be fixed soonish (with a little help from 
> someone) so that it would be searched properly and so that it would 
> also check for libxml2 headers to avoid recent problems with not 
> finding SAX2.h and other such flukes which i may have caused with my 
> n00bishnes with the automake stuff.

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