[Scribus] Linking text frames

Rainer Heilke rheilke
Mon Oct 4 03:19:32 CEST 2004

Craig Bradney wrote:

>On Sunday 03 October 2004 22:36, Rainer Heilke wrote:
>>I'm having a bear of a time linking text frames and getting the text to
>>flow from on to the next. Is there some sort of trick? The expected ways
>>don't seem to do anything. The tutorial references a "Chain Tool" that
>>doesn't exist. Using the "Link Text Frames" button doesn't seem to
>>actually work. Now that I've gotten my newsletter set up, I'd like to
>>put in the articles and keep using Scribus for it.
>>Any pointers would be appreciated.
>>Thanks, everyone.
>The tutorial needs a little updating... (toolbar icon has changed)
>Make frame 1 and then frame 2
>Select frame 1
>Click on the toolbar icon with the arrow and lines representing text, with 
>tooltip "Link Text Frames".
>Click on frame 2

Sorry, just got back to work. Thanks to both you and Frank. This does 
seem to do the trick. :-)


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