[Scribus] Error 11 then no printing

Martin Langeland dumluks
Sat Oct 2 22:39:00 CEST 2004

Working on a small booklet in 1.2 build id 28 august 2004 C-C-T. 
System is AMD K6 II 500 with SuSE 9.0 using cups to print.
Open office prints just fine.

I was doubling up the cover -- line drawing and text-- (11" X 4.25") to 
print 2 up.
Scribus said: "Error 11" and crashed.
I fired it right back up and completed the layout. No print preview 
image. Print job appears  in print manager and printer thinks it is 
about to go to work. Then the job disappears.
I restarted the machine same problem.
Looked on Scribus.org and Scribus.net, used search.  no joy. 

Should I reinstall Scribus to repair my copy?

Is there a listing of error messages and what they mean somewhere in the 
documentation? (In which case I failed to find it)

all other suggestions gratefully accepted.

In case I was a klutz and didn't say at the time: Many thanks for 
previous help in compiling and installing, and on trying to sort out 
little cms monitor profiler. All resolved one way or another. So now we 
play with this one.

-- ml

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