[Scribus] really slow text editing

rich lott rl3
Fri Oct 1 12:47:44 CEST 2004

whoa! what a lot of responses!

So, basically I'm stuck. The story editor is better, but it's the WYSIWYG 
aspect that I like, and I think is entirely essential for a DTP package. It 
aids creativity, I believe.

I understand that Scribus is still very new, I think it has a lot of promise,  
but this really needs sorting out. Quark is one of my most hated applications 
- heaven knows how many years of development and it's still so backward! 
Scribus already has features Quark doesn't. But, while what Quark does is 
limited, it does the simple stuff (eg. editing text) very well.

I'm really glad that there's rumours of improvements to this in the next 
version. I think it's amazing and inspirational that people have come 
together to create and develop such an ambitious project.



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