[Scribus] Catalan translation

Xavier Sala Pujolar utrescu
Fri Oct 1 08:39:52 CEST 2004

Josep Febrer wrote:

>A Dijous 30 Setembre 2004 21:12, Craig Bradney va escriure:
>>ok, well we currently have one person doing Spanish and one doing Catalan.
>>I think you should be in touch with them and collaborate. We now cannot
>>just accept your translation and not theirs, I hope you understand. We of
>>course dont mind a team working together -we have this for the French
>>translation. This is the reason I have sent numerous emails over the past
>>months regarding translations, especially before the 1.2 release.
>Hi Craig,
>Yes, I understand you. I will try to help them if I can.
>I'm sorry that I couldn't keep updated my translations. I hoped to do before 
>Scribus 1.2, but unfortunatelly to me other things keep me very busy.
>I'm just seeing your mails now, sorry for the inconveniences.
>If I can, I will try my best.
>Scribus is a great project that I appreciate a lot.
I've sent a message with my translation to Josep at his new email. I 
have'nt any problems to accept Josep's translation, if he have done it.

The Josep's email listed in "About Scribus" don't work and for this 
reason I asked the list before start the translation.


Xavier Sala

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