[Scribus] Resolution of PDF image

Carol Kankelborg cckborg1
Tue May 25 20:51:27 CEST 2004

I am converting my audio tape collection to CD. iTunes allows you to print out
a CD case insert for the front, but not for the part that fits under the plastic on the back
and side of a standard jewel case.  I am working on a template in Scribus for the part. 
I am using iTunes to generate a PDF of the "CD jewel case insert: Text only (black and white)".
This PDF prints out just fine and is a sharp black and white image.   In the template, I
make an image box and put the iTunes-generated PDF into it.  I don't scale it since the song listing
is the right size in the original, I just shift the position so the song listing is centered in the back panel
of the CD case insert.  But, when I print or generate a PDF from scribus, the song listing is fuzzy.  
It looks like it has been turned into gray-scale.  I've compared the iTunes PDF and the Scribus PDF
at 800% and the difference is quite clear. 

Am I doing something wrong in this process?  What is causing the PDF to lose quality? 
(I am on Mac OS 10.2.8, Apple X11b3, and Scribus 1.1.6.)
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