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Louis Desjardins louisdesjardins
Mon May 24 13:41:23 CEST 2004

? (At) 12h30 +0800 24/05/04, Craig Ringer ?crivait (wrote) :


>  > I think Quark and Indesign have
>  > this implemented in a similar manner.
>If Quark does it, I'd love to know how. Maybe it was added in Quark 5 or
>6 (but that'd mean getting something for your upgrade money, so I'm not
>convinced), but all I have been able to find is the usual linked image

Actually, what Quark has done within 6.0 is a dynamic update of text 
content within "user tagged" text boxes. Say you have a book title on 
the front page, and that title is repeated in various pages in your 
document, and on the spine and back cover (that could all be part of 
the same "cover" page), you could tag this text so any change would 
reflect wherever it is used in the document, keeping the specific 
styles and text enrichments for each use.

There is still a need to edit the text box itself if the string is 
longer after editing but at least you are sure the layout won't be 
affected without you knowing and controlling it and, provided 
everything is set properly, the exact same text will appear 
throughout the document. Quark has even come up with this new concept 
of "project" when you hit "new document" so you can have various size 
and print/web destination for a "project". The dynamic 
synchronization works through documents of a same project. A nice 
feature... but mistakes can still occur (say you forgot to tag just 
one text box and your proofreader has full confidence the feature was 
on...). But this is another discussion! (Humans and computers... and 
humans). ;-)


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