[Scribus] problems compiling Scribus from CVS -- missing .moc files

Peter Linnell scribusdocs
Mon May 24 03:50:32 CEST 2004

On Sat, 2004-05-22 at 06:48, Penelope Spencer wrote:
> I am trying to compile Scribus from CVS under Gentoo. The ./configure
> looks okay, but make stops with an error 'about.moc: No such file or
> directory'  I tried creating an empty about.moc, and about.cpp compiles
> okay, but it chokes on the next file, again a missing .moc file.
> QT is installed, and /usr/qt/3/bin/moc is found. Is there anything I
> need to do to have these moc files created?
> Many thanks in advance, and appreciation and congratulations to Franz
> and the other contributors to Scribus for your superb work!
> Penelope Spencer
> London, England
> ______________________________________________________________________

There is a downloadable e-build for Scribus CVS on www.scribus.net. Look
under Downloads > Development.

Hope that helps and if you get stuck and need immediate help find us on
#scribus on irc.freenode.net. 


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