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linuxlingam linuxlingam
Wed May 19 08:09:13 CEST 2004

On Wed, 2004-05-19 at 05:06, Louis Desjardins wrote:
> Hi LL,
> >for the record: the tutorial is done in oo.o since the original
> >templates of *all* tutorials, including sodipodi, and the coming
> >cinepaint, etc, are created by me in oo.o so had to standardize on that.
> >
> >repurposing, heavy text editing, word-processing, are important features
> >while authoring the tutorial. this done best in a wordprocessor.
> This is exactly what I thought. I also agree. It's a matter of 
> getting the right tools do the right things... and keep everything to 
> a certain level of simplicity as well. I am always a bit suspicious 
> in front of a piece of software that "does it all"... (or tries to do 
> it all...)

well, traditional digital publishing workflows start with text
wordprocessed in a wordprocessor, going thru edit cycles, and then
finally landing at the production desk for layout and artworks.
i am just following that process.


> I deeply think Scribus is a fabulous work horse.
> A few more words on your tutorial : as I am reading and translating 
> it, I feel this is exactly what people need to get started with any 
> software. A simple yet not simplist walk through, hands on, real 
> world example, with easy to follow steps and a result in the end. Not 
> only does it give the taste of Scribus, it also opens up doors. This 
> is the way to built people's self-confidence!

wish i could have covered several more tips. ran out of time. would
appreciate if the opensource community adds and enhances this further.
all thanks to the FDL.

> Here, I work to get OpenSource software into the schools. We face so 
> many people turning their backs on us... Only because they don't 
> know. Only because they don't want to know. 

yes, i noted schools and academia turn to turn their backs. which is
ironic considering linux grew out of academia...
so, to tackle this problem, especially here where i conduct workshops on
design and prefer using scribus and other similar tools, wrote the
'guerrilla warfare for gyaan' document, which you may use freely:


> Now, would you believe I 
> printed your turorial from the PDF and handed the resulting brochure 
> to a school director saying proudly this was actually done with 
> OpenSource software! The answer I got amazed me at first : "It looks 
> professional. Now, tell me, what do these people do for a living"... 

ask craig! :-)  actually, here is the reason why professionals work,
develop, and use scribus and other freelibre tools:


[note: muft = free-of-cost. mukt=freedom]

also, craig did a layout of a publication that is quite professional.
ask him for urls.

> Then, I started a private conference, talking about the community, 
> the sharing values... It ended up with a totally new look at Linux 
> from that director.
> Another good reason (if at all necessary!) to translate it in French 
> (in any language, I would say!).
> Is Yug a name or does it mean God or Goddess?
yug= 'era' or 'age' as in the 'new age of freedom'

indian mysticism divides Time into four ages: satyug to kalyug. the
first is the age of truth, the last is the age of chaos and untruth.
that is this age. by titling the mag 'freedomyug' i imply the current
age of computing with its ethical and other problems is 'kalyug' and the
next age, is appropriately 'freedomyug'. tongue-in-cheek. :-)

do a googlesearch for 'four yugs satyug kalyug' and you'll get more

> Have a good day!
> Louis
> >:-)
> >LL

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