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linuxlingam linuxlingam
Sun May 16 23:46:57 CEST 2004

dear louis,

On Sun, 2004-05-16 at 06:27, Louis Desjardins wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> Following the post of the already acclaimed tutorial on Scribus by 
> LL, I decided to dive-in and translate it in French. This for very 
> simple reasons. [snips]



> LL, I do all my best to make the French version as lively as the 
> original. I am keeping the exact same examples. Just using new screen 
> shots from the French version. So far, not adding anything except a 
> very, very  few "notes from the translator". I guess a second edition 
> could cover even more ground and step into some more details. (I 
> couldn't do the "Get Picture" screenshot in French because the window 
> keeps disappearing on me every time I try to shoot it! Any clue? 
> Using KSnapShot on Mandrake 10).

i used gimp. does the job pretty well. when you have dialog-boxes with
popups that you need to capture, just use the 'capture whole screen'
option rather than just the active window. then, in gimp, crop out
everything else, and you're done.

> I don't know if French readers have other expectations (for instance, 
> should I rebuilt the Scribus document itself with French titles and 
> eveything?). Just for the sake of it, my only wish is to make that 
> translation/adaptation arrive soon. Maybe we could translate the 
> "text on a path page" because it's a good place to put a little 
> message... ;-) and the PDF form, which is a great idea for schools 
> and so on. What do you think?

actually, would be great to translate the text in the sample
publication, which is actually not long, the pictures make the story fit
three pages. the text is perhaps 700 words. the other pages, the text is
even shorter. this way, people would be able to understand the story,
the hyphenation, the reason why some layouts are done in a certain way,

also, the interactive & rich pdf, with buttons and all, would be nice to
have with more javascripting and validation etc thrown into it. am not
too satisfied with the way it works so far.

finally, here is what i wish to do, and *invite* others to do:

as i create new *types* of layouts, especially different techniques of
doing different types of layouts, i'll add a page to the scribus
document and actually do it. then document it in the oo.o file. this
way, the document will slowly grow into a handbook of graphic design for
the graphic design newbie, with scribus as the base product. think of
the tutorial as a 'graphic design hack' compilation. people will
automatically fall in love with scribus.

example design to do: a full-page, full-bleed photo in the background,
nearly transparant, like a watermark (done in scribus). in the middle
top, another photo, with a thick white border. at the lower bottom,
another box, inside which the background photo is even more transparant,
and which contains some body text in a stylized typography. at the
bottom a graphic logo in svg.

this is a typical layout concept of various forms of brochures, ads,
etc. fun to do in scribus.


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