[Scribus] Congrats are in order

Franky liedekef
Sat May 15 11:39:39 CEST 2004

Paul wrote:
> Hi,
> Just to let you all know that in the very late hours of last night, a
> new addition to the Scribus posse was born - and no, you don't need a
> recompile for this one!
> Craig's better half gave birth to a bonny bouncing baby, Alyssa Fleur.
> Everyone is doing well.
> From everyone involved with the Scribus project, lets all give a cheer
> and raise a glass of something nice and wish them all well for what is
> to come...
> Congrats Chantal, Craig and Alyssa

And from me too, congratulations to Chantal, Craig and Alyssa!! Enjoy 
the gift of life and we hope to not see Craig for some time ;-) He needs 
family time now :)


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