[Scribus] pdf thru Scribus vs Quark 3.3

Rozenn Lucas rlucas
Fri May 14 14:49:19 CEST 2004


I am new to Scribus and I usually work on Mac on an old version of Quark.
To avoid spending lots of money on a Quark update, I?ve switched to Scribus
on Linux for now and hopefully, I?ll use the Mac version when it is ready
for OSX.

My problem is I?ve provided the printing house with a pdf file which colors
come out lighter than my usual file made with Quark (I have printed the same
document but this time recomposed with Scribus).
I?ve generated the Scribus file using the File/Export/SaveAsPDF menu item
(and not the pdf tool icon in the tool bar) and have not checked  the
?Compress the text and vectorial graphics? box. The image settings were set
to Automatic for the method, Maximum for the Quality and under the Color
tab, I had selected the Printer option.

Now maybe the problem comes from the fact that with a PDF file, you don?t
quite get the same image quality (the images that I had imported were CMJK
color mode saved under eps or tif format) than with a Quark file but since
Scribus took the images the way they were and has apparently not done any
conversion of some sort that could explain the result, I really don?t know
what to think.

Would I be luckier exporting as an eps file ?

I?m not a graphic nor a color specialist but I can take technical
explanations since I have sound people around me ! So, just throw your

Thank you
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