[Scribus] setting a bleed parameter

ruth moulton ruth
Sat May 8 23:35:50 CEST 2004

yes, i discovered this too - i.e. being able to select each frame and copy 
them all in one fell swoop. - luckily not too many frames on the page.

this one page, which is supposed to be 3mm all round larger than a4 is not 
handled very well in acrobat reader, but i'll take it to the printer and 
discuss with them on monday. I'll let you know how it turns out.

its been a really exciting and satisfying (and learning) process doing the 
layout with scribus - my first ever real layout project!!

thanks for the help
> Hi Ruth,
> >just tried plan b. theres a problem in that i have already layed out the
> >document, 16 pages and hours and hours of work.
> >is there any way to change the size of the pages at this stage ?
> I am afraid not. I just went in Scribus to figure this out and
> couldn't find any dialog making that change possible. You could ask
> for a feature. This can be done in QuarkXPress.
> >otherwise luckily it only affects one page so i'll have to create a new
> >document with the one page in!!
> You're right. It shouldn't be too hard and too long to do. And I
> think you should be able to select all elements on that one page and
> paste them into your new one. So in any case, your original document
> remains untouched. Could be useful if you run out of time figuring
> out how to deal with the bleed. Also, Peter is writing a tutorial
> (see his message). Maybe you can tell us how it worked out.
> Does your printer have "PitStop Pro"? Maybe you can let him deal with
> that problem. (Just a suggestion!).
> >thanks
> Just glad to help!
> Hope everything works well!
> >ruth
> Louis

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