[Scribus] Epson 1280 and custom (12in x 12in sizes)

ephemeron ephemeron
Sat May 8 00:17:06 CEST 2004

On 7. May 2004 at 5:29PM +0200,
Jean-Jacques Sarton <jj.sarton at t-online.de> wrote:

> wetzels schrieb:
> > Epson Large Format 1280 works great except I can't get it to
> > work with a custom size of 12in x 12in (size that my wife
> > needs for scrapbooking)
> > 
> > Any hints?
> > 
> Hi,
> Handling of custom paper size must be available by the driver
> / print system.

I don't think that *should* be necessarily be the case.  If
Scribus will print the user-defined paper size from the top left
corner the user should easily be able to print, say, a 5" x 5"
paper on standard letter size of 8.5" x 11".  As it is, Scribus
appears to print from the bottom corner.  That is the bottom edge
of the user-defined paper is aligned with the bottom edge of the
standard paper.

> If you use cups you must adapt the ppd file for your printer
> so the custom paper size will be known by the applications
> e.g. which support the cups system (most linux distributions
> and Mac OS X).

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