[Scribus] tri-fold brochure

Wayne Maeda iw
Thu May 6 18:27:50 CEST 2004

On Wednesday 05 May 2004 10:59 pm, Franky wrote:

> - printing directly from scribus scews too much to one side (landscape,
> scewed to the right), while I have other documents (eg. from openoffice)
> printing out just fine. The page on itself looks just fine though
> - creating a pdf from my nicely-divided-in-3-equal-parts page results in
> a pdf that scews too much to the other side, cutting off on the left (or
> the right, can't remember)
> ==> this is not WYSIWYG behaviour. Maybe has something to do with the
> landscape setting?
> Franky

Try getting rid of the page margins (File/Document Setup). They tend to chop 
off everything that extends past them. Use guides instead.


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