[Scribus] tri-fold brochure

Louis Desjardins louisdesjardins
Thu May 6 13:26:09 CEST 2004

Hi everyone,

I think the best way to figure out the measurements that will suit 
best your need is to make a folded dummy out of a piece of paper the 
exact size you are going to print on. Unfold and draw your margins 
with a ruler. Then, report those values in Scribus, position your 
text boxes and picture frames exactly where they should be and there 
you go! Keep this document as a base and use the "Save as" command 
for each new pamphlet.

If you encounter printing problems (the page is off a bit for various 
reasons-mechanical (printer), or software) it is easy to adjust your 
document to workaround this problem : once you're done, select all 
elements and move them all together as much as it takes to achieve a 
good print result. Don't forget to offset the 2nd page as well, and 
keep in mind the reverse page could offset the opposite side. Before 
printing the complete run, test again, fold and re-adjust if 

Lots more could be said on that purpose. If anything don't hesitate to post.

HTH ;-)


? (At) 11h48 +0200 6/05/04, Franky ?crivait (wrote) :
>Susan Hogarth wrote:
>>I think I had the same problem. While my settings within scibus 
>>were correct (letter) my printer configuration was still set to A4. 
>>Perhaps you are having the same issue?
>>Susan Hogarth
>>(sent from palm pilot)
>>Franky <liedekef at pandora.be> wrote:
>>>BandiPat wrote:
>>>>Wesley T Allen wrote:
>>>>>Hi all,
>>>>>    Does anyone know the proper way to set up a document for a tri-fold
>>>>>brochure on US-Letter (8.5 x 11) paper?  Every time I try it doesn't
>>>>>work out the way I expect.  Any help would be most appreciated!
>>>>How about giving us a bit more info.  What are you wanting to do, 
>>>>what have you tried, what results are you needing, etc.  It 
>>>>should be doable, but before we start throwing out suggestions, 
>>>>knowing a few more details would be helpful.
>>>Well, I think he wants to create a page which can be folded in 3 
>>>equal parts (like invoices you get, those in long small envelopes).
>>>I tried this also, and also experienced weird results:
>>>- printing directly from scribus scews too much to one side 
>>>(landscape, scewed to the right), while I have other documents 
>>>(eg. from openoffice) printing out just fine. The page on itself 
>>>looks just fine though
>>>- creating a pdf from my nicely-divided-in-3-equal-parts page 
>>>results in a pdf that scews too much to the other side, cutting 
>>>off on the left (or the right, can't remember)
>>>==> this is not WYSIWYG behaviour. Maybe has something to do with 
>>>the landscape setting?
>nope, my settings were in both cases A4.
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