[Scribus] Source Build Help -- release 1.1.6

Peter Linnell scribusdocs
Wed May 5 04:25:22 CEST 2004

On Tue, 2004-05-04 at 21:35, Bruce Kingsland wrote:
> Howdy!
> I'd like to see another Category: Compiling from Stable.
> I've downloaded the stable 1.1.6 source tar, and several other packages
> that were required, such as qt-x11-free-3.3.1, freetype-2.1.8,
> libart_lgpl-2.3.3, and am currently getting failures in the make
> step. I'm building on two systems; one is Red Hat 7.2 and one is Red Hat
> 9.0, both with all the latest updates (using apt-get).
> On Red Hat 7.2:
> building 'art_render_misc.c':
>     /usr/local/include/libart_lgpl/art_render.h --- multiple errors
>     'art_render_misc.h --- multiple errors

You need a minimum of 2.3.10 and preferably 2.3.16 for libart_lgpl. 

You will also need gcc 3.x to compile it properly. Some people was said
you can compile with 7.3, but I know there was a lot of GCC 3 stuff
> On Red Hat 9.0:
> building libprefs:
>    *** No rule to make target prefs.moc, needed by prefs.cpp. Stop.
> Any ideas on what I need to do next would be really helpful.
> Thanx!
> -bk

Freetype 2.1.8 was just released last week and may have some issues.
2.1.7 has caused a lot of incompatibilites with building applications.

On a RH9 system, I would *not* upgrade freetype unless, you rebuild a
SRPM and do some testing. The 2.1.3 version with RH9 was not too trouble
some and is patched to work with the Qt rpms. 

You could save a lot of time by using the 1.1.6 rpms which are in the
download section of www.scribus.net These are built from the same spec
file from fedora.us and I have worked closely with their QA to make sure
they work fine. There have been several hundred downloads and not a
single complaint - so I guess they work :-)

The ones on www.scribus.net are i686 builds, so they should run a tad
quicker than the fedora.us i386 versions. 

If you are looking to optimize for say a P4, you could setup a buildroot
and rebuild them with an i786,i886 arch. The difference between an
athlon and an i686 build in speed is less that 2% with GCC 3.2.2

Any needed additional support rpms can be found at fedora.us or

Complete requirements:




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