[Scribus] scribus and pdf export

Franky liedekef
Mon May 3 13:08:44 CEST 2004

Hi all,

I've come across some pdf issues with scribus (and no, it's not xpdf or 
acrobat that has the problem):

- when exporting a doc to pdf with png images in it that have 
transparant background, the background get's set to black on the pdf 
file. The print-to-file generated postscript file shows this correctly.
- if you have a rectangle created (eg. color gray) and within you create 
an image box, then on the resulting pdf the image box is totally black 
if you select the image compression technique "none"
- downsampling of images: sometimes the images get not only downsampled, 
but also reduced in size. I had this problem with a logo that appeared 
two times on a page (landscape): the left logo got reduced in size, the 
right logo stayed just fine ... It seemed to be doing this only with 
template images, but I didn't test this assumption.

And something weird that has been in for a couple of versions already:
You created an image, and afterwards you want to resize it. So you click 
on the image for resizing and you click on one of the resize-blocks 
present to resize the image. Now somtimes this results in a immediately 
resized image that's much smaller, without you even doing anything. Not 
reproducable, and not blocking the process, but it's a weird thingie 
that happens to me at least once everytime I work with scribus.

hope this helps in debugging ...
btw: used version was the latest released 1.1.6 version.


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