[Scribus] New Wiki for German Tips and Tricks/ FAQ

Uwe Fechner ufechner
Sun May 2 11:14:31 CEST 2004


I created a moinmoin wiki (look at: http://www.kieltech.de/uweswiki/Wiki 
if you want to know, what
a wiki is) as place to publish tips and tricks for people who work with 
scribus in German

German entry point:


English entry point:


There is no content in English in the moment, and I don't know, if we 
need another wiki for
englisch content, but as there is not much up-to-date information about 
scribus available in
German (and scribus envolves very quickly), I think for the German 
community it is a good
thing to have.

Everybody can add content or change any of the pages without login, so 
feel invited to add
content or correct existing pages, if you want to publish some hints 
about using scribus.

Before I created this wiki, I looked at the wiki, where feature requests 
used to be collected,
but it has a different syntax and I think that moinmoin is the best wiki 
software for small
The apache foundation just switched from a php based wiki solution to 
moinmoin recently.

Have a nice Sunday:

Uwe Fechner

(If there are requests to change the configuration of the wiki, write me 
an private email:
ufechner AT sk28 DOT de)

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