[Scribus] download problems; suse 9.1

Bart Alberti bart
Tue Jun 29 06:18:24 CEST 2004

I too find firefox difficult so I use konqueror always in Linux and IE (at
trusted sites) in Wind doze. The latest 0.9 especially is worse than 0.8 I
find. It hung loading and said it was loading extensions but it just hangs.
I un installed but it had been the default browser which I allowed to happen
and now my htm and html file associations would not work . even worse I
could not change that in View_file types because it said html was already
registered to "FifrefoxHTML" which since I had un installed it was no longer
the case.
So going to Internet Options restored IE as the default browser and got me
back my file associations. OUTRAGE!
 do NOT preach to me of the joys of anything but IE which is fast and
flexible and brings up a smooth download dialog and is SAFE on trusted sites
(which is all I use it for).

By the way the list of errors on SuSE 9.1 is quite long; Win modems are not
supported so well in kernel 2. as they were in 2.4.xx and the printers use
CPS and no longer lprng so good-bye Canon-BJ 200 The 1024 cylinder limit has
come back with  a  vengeance and it may ruin windows on dual boot systems.
Whither NOVELL? Even bash requires a patch rpm!!
bart at solozone.com

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