[Scribus] ugly quote marks

Servants servants
Mon Jun 28 15:06:00 CEST 2004

I am currently running Scribus 1.2rc1 cvs 24 June under 
Slack 9.1 with qt-3.2.1 and xfree86-4.3.0.

I have loaded an alternate font path for TrueType fonts from 
my Windoze system, and am using Garamond.ttf.  The quote 
marks, however, are ugly.  It seems that the text in 
Scribus is using the undirected typewriter-style ASCII 
single quotation mark and apostrophe U+0027 and U+0022 
rather than the typographic directed quotation marks U+2018 
and U+2019.  I know the problem is not the font, for it 
works correctly in Windoze using PageMaker.  Any help 
correcting this would be appreciated.  FWIW the same thing 
happens in gimp-2.0.2 on this system.

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