[Scribus] Short Words solution for Scribus

Mon Jun 28 10:48:57 CEST 2004

hi all scribus users!

As for the Maciej's feature request for the "short words" handling
in Scribus. I'm working on the "universal multilanguage da_besta
solution" ;)

For the final release I'm looking for the knowlege of the others
language and typos. I've got some minor Polish settings and (of course)
quite full Czech support.

One thing I need from *you* is to think if there are some rules in
your local typo (maybe read and update the config file in the
scribus-short-words-1.2-040628.tar.bz2 package) and send it to me.

feature request:

devel version:

previous czech only:

cheers and all the best!

petr vanek

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