[Scribus] Scribus Slow

Danni Coy rgcoy
Sun Jun 27 03:46:36 CEST 2004

On Saturday 26 June 2004 04:26, scribus-request at nashi.altmuehlnet.de wrote:
> Timo Springmann wrote:
> >After playing with scribus for a few hours, I have two big impressions:
> >powerful (I really like the pdf functions) and slow.
> >
> >I tested scribus on different machines (slowest is athlon xp1600+ with at
> > 512 MB ram) and it's really slow with larger textframes (i.e. 100x150mm)
> > or bigger pictures. I tried different versions of scribus (1.1.7,
> > different cvs debian packages and even self compiled versions). Moving
> > these frames is really slow, editing text is no fun and when I switch to
> > a different virtual screen and then back scribus needs a seconds until
> > the page is drawn completly. This is happening in a document (size:
> > DIN-A4) with only one page. I think this is getting worse when I have to
> > do larger documents, isn't it? Now my question: is this only me (my
> > version of scribus, my favour of linux, my machine, my life) or is this a
> > known 'problem'?
> > ?
> I have to think that there is something wrong with your setup rather
> than Scribus. ?Perhaps the slowness is your graphics card. I'm using an
> Athlon XP2500, 512MB RAM and screen updates take a small fraction of a
> second after moving an image or text frame. ?My graphics card is a few
> years old -- a Voodoo 4 or 5. ?I'm using a 1.2cvs Scribus that's a
> couple of weeks old, but 1.17, 1.16 both were about as fast. ?I have
> seen some slowness in the past with multiple page linked text frames,
> but haven't done any such documents recently.
> How does your computer do with the Gimp and image manipulation?
> Greg

I have found Scribus a lot faster using the binaries that came with Mepis 
(Debian Based) I found Scribus on Mandrake and Gentoo a lot slower.

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