[Scribus] photo quality

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Sat Jun 26 02:10:36 CEST 2004

Chris Smith wrote:

>Are there certain methods which consistently provide the best possible photo 
>quality output from a Scribus page?
>For example, should one avoid having Scribus resize the photo on the fly by 
>using one that actually fits the frame? Will a tiff work better than a jpeg?
>Basically most photos I use will be jpegs from a digital camera that get 
>drastically reduced in size and I'm wondering what are some of the better 
>ways to handle the process. Also are there certain techniques that work best 
>for photo reduction for print purposes.
I use jpeg a lot since that's how I have my camera set up to keep file
sizes manageable.  What you will want to do is keep them big and let
Scribus reduce them internally -- i.e., don't reduce the dpi with an
external program.  Also, as has been stated, every time you save an
image from an image program, jpegs lose quality; on the other hand
simply copying and moving the files doesn't.  Use Scribus to shrink and
select the part of the picture you want. If you need to do some image
manipulation, then switch to tiff or crank the quality up on the jpeg,
and keep your original file intact -- work with a copy.  It might
happen, but it would probably be rare when you might truly need tiff as
opposed to jpeg -- you would have to be printing with a device or
professional print shop that has a really high dpi.  Monitor resolutions
are nowhere near print quality so unfortunately you can't use the screen
to make these judgments.


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