[Scribus] color management

Chris Smith chris
Fri Jun 25 21:02:58 CEST 2004

On Friday 25 June 2004 01:33 pm, PLiinnell wrote:
> Have you reviewed the docs on color managment here :
> http://ahnews.music.salford.ac.uk/scribus/documentation/cms.html

I did a quick read previously but re-read it just now.
Regarding the section on final printing where it states:

"Postscript Output - This would require having your images tagged before being 
placed in Scribus files when outputting a Scribus document either: as pure 
postscript or as individual EPS files. Scribus uses a combination of level 2 
and level 3 postscript, depending on the images within the document. Level 2 
and Level 3 postscript can read and use icc profiles within an image. Most 
color postscript devices will read the embedded profiles and use them to 
render color within the postscript."

I'm sending the output to a PS printer (set up in CUPS using the manufacturers 
PPD). So is it correct to assume that this applies and that the images should 
themselves be tagged for proper printing?

The sentence:
"The camera's itself performs come automatic color balancing and auto adjusts 
the output for the sRGB range or color space."

Seems to suggest that maybe the photo may already be in sRGB colorspace. Are 
photos generally tagged from the camera? Is this part of the EXIF data? I do 
notice that if I use ImageMagick to remove the EXIF data the files are 

Thank you,


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