[Scribus] Is scribus slow?

Timo Springmann t.springmann
Fri Jun 25 00:49:44 CEST 2004

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hi list!

I'm new to this list (and to scribus). I'm an experienced Linux user since 7
or 8 years and since a few years interested in graphics and design. Since two
years I work at a small (Linux-) Company in germany and in this work position
I have to do more and more dtp.

Since a few days I mostly took OpenOffice.org Draw for this job but two days
ago I was really frustrated with Draw and I looked for some alternatives. I
knew since a few month that scribus exists and I thought this is the right
time to give it a look.

After playing with scribus for a few hours, I have two big impressions:
powerful (I really like the pdf functions) and slow.

I tested scribus on different machines (slowest is athlon xp1600+ with at 512
MB ram) and it's really slow with larger textframes (i.e. 100x150mm) or
bigger pictures. I tried different versions of scribus (1.1.7, different cvs
debian packages and even self compiled versions). Moving these frames is
really slow, editing text is no fun and when I switch to a different virtual
screen and then back scribus needs a seconds until the page is drawn
completly. This is happening in a document (size: DIN-A4) with only one page.
I think this is getting worse when I have to do larger documents, isn't it?
Now my question: is this only me (my version of scribus, my favour of linux,
my machine, my life) or is this a known 'problem'?

I really would like to make scribus my favorite dtp application, but I think
this slowness drives me crazy after working with it for a few hours in real
world documents.

Besides this little backdraw, Scribus is really great and powerfull
application. It can do almost all the things I need.


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