[Scribus] Documentation

Maciej Hanski ma_han2000
Fri Jun 25 00:03:39 CEST 2004

Hi LL, 

> craig mentions correctly that the tutorial is getting dated, which is
> a great sign of the logarithmic progress of scribus. the tutorial's
> essential focus is on 'getting started' and on sharing the secrets of
> typographer's and publishing-design specialists, on how to approach
> page-design. thanks to the FDL, several outdated and redundant aspects
> of the tutorial can be updated, edited, and i actively encourage that.

I don't consider Your tutorial by any means "outdated". Ok, one or two
menu options  moved to another place, but  the tutorial  focusses on the
task, and not so much on the tool itself, and it's perfectly suitable
for a beginner wanting to get the big picture (that's, why I like it so
much). Speaking of updates: I'm going to start an updated Polish version
based on the existing Polish translation of Your tutorial: basically
updates, you've mentioned before + some specific hints for Polish users + my
updated howto about Scribus PDF forms +  anything useful I can get to
publish under GNU FDL. I chose Docbook, since this should always remain
a piece of work in progress, and these Scribus guys work much to fast :-) (do they ever
sleep? or watch football?). I want to spend more time on updating the
contents than on reformatting the  document each time, I change

greetings from Vienna :-)

P.S. According to Holger's site http://www.bomots.de/index.htm , the
first (at least, I think so) paper book  on Scribus titled "Scribus
kompakt - das offizielle deutsche Anwenderhandbuch" is due to be
published in August. 

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