[Scribus] problem with autosave after a SIGSEGV

Greg kamago
Thu Jun 24 15:58:24 CEST 2004

Hi all,

I'll try to explain the problem I've encountered with my poor english,
and give the workaround I found.

While working on a small doc, Scribus crashed and made what it seemed to
be an autosave, but forgotted the <FONT /> tags in the doc. I realized
this after an hour editing the XML source of my doc, and I can now
identify the problem and give the way to reproduce it.

If a font used in a <CFONT /> tag (in <ITEXT />) is not declared in a
<FONT /> tag at the beginning of the document, Scribus will crash with
this message :

$ scribus doc_A5_RV.sla
Calling Emergency Save
QWidget (ps): deleted while being painted QPaintDevice: Cannot destroy
paint device that is being painted

The workaround is to edit the .sla file and add the <FONT /> tags with
all the fonts that can be found in the <CFONT /> tags (possibly in other
font related tags, I didn't tried this).
To reproduce this crash, just delete one of the <FONT /> tags, try to
open your modified doc, and look :)

As I said, this occured after a crash, so I think the autosave function
(if there's one) saved the doc, but in an unstable state that rendered
it unreadable and crashes Scribus.

Okay, I hope this have helped you, and thanks for the work. It's a
really great app,

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