[Scribus] Documentation

Maciej Hanski ma_han2000
Thu Jun 24 00:12:27 CEST 2004


I have a few questions about documentation, which  could be also of some
interest for non-English native speakers:

1. Documentation file format. Dear Scribus team, if somebody decided to
provide you with Scribus documentation in his native language to be
included into Scribus (Help>Scribus Manual...),  which file format would
you prefere? Is Docbook suitable for you? Are there any other restrictions?

2. Documentation contents. What are the preferable contents?

        a. Translation of the original Scribus docs written by mrdocs
	and Co.?

	b. Any other contents suitable contents? Personally, I would vote for
	this solution, since there are some good docs in French and German (by
	Holger and Yves), which probably could be easily accustomed to your
	needs in no time, and there would be at least the Polish translation of
	Niyams	tutorials to start with. 

3. If 2a., would it be possible to allow the user simultanously
installing and using Scribus many documentation packages,  in different
languages at that? The first page of the dialog in Help>Scribus
Manual... could list all the installed documentation packages, then, and allow the
user to switch between  English, German, and so on. Personally,
I'd prefere this approach, since I'd like to have both the Peter's English
docs for reference, and German and Polish docs  
in one place. And it would be easy to add new tutorials still to come..

4. Licence. Currently, the English manual is distributed under Open
Publication Licence (btw, according to http://www.opencontent.org/ 
OpenConten was officially closed 1 year ago). If I decided to attach
translated parts of it to the Polish translation of Niyam's tutorial, woud it be allowed
to licence them under GNU FDL? I wouldn't like to use diffent licences
for one document, and Niyam's tutorial was released under GNU FDL.

best regards

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