[Scribus] Good courses/reading material for Scribus

Michael P. Hopcroft michael
Thu Jun 17 04:41:31 CEST 2004

Does anyone know if there are good sources for either current-edition 
Scruibus CDs or English-language books that teach how to use Scruibus? 
I'm hoping to dual-boot my system and hope to get Scribus installed and 
working on my system before I have to step back down to dial-up (My 
sart-up busienss is havbing the usual difficulties one has when a 
publishing company has no product to punlish because it's not rteady yet).

Michael Hopcroft
Michael Hopcroft press

(P.S. I publish roleplaying games, and am taking donations in support of 
current and upcoming projects -- not that anyone would donate from 
thislist, but I thought I might as well emntion it in case you were 
wondering what those Psypal buttons were on my site.)

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