[Scribus] Calculation problems in 1.1.7

phriedrich phriedrich
Tue Jun 15 15:28:26 CEST 2004


first I want to say that I'm using Scribus since around 0.7x and like it
very much.

Today I noticed a problem in 1.1.7:

When creating a form with editable fields I can't calculate with the
numbers in it, anymore.

For example when I'm creating three fields and the third one should show
the sum of the numbers in first and second one, it doesn't show it.

It's also strange that in field one and two  Properties -> Calculate the
setting allways jump to "use own script" and the script is:

new Array ())

The names above may not be correct, since I'm using a German version.

Because I can't found this fixed in the change-log of CVS I thought this
would be a place to reporting it.


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