[Scribus] 1.1.7 - PS Level 2 - why not PStill to simplify ?

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Thu Jun 10 20:25:20 CEST 2004

Peter Linnell wrote:
> Hi Celio,
>>>>>>I compiled the version 1.1.7 on a stock Mandrake 10 Official box
>>>>>>with no problems except that I can't print to my HPLJ1300 anymore.
>>>>>>The printer labors a while and nothing comes out.
>>>>>This is a frequent issue with Black and White laser jets when printing from
>>>>>Desktop Publishing Apps - I've seen this with LJ4 and 5, as well as newer
>>>>>HP 2xxx printers with Pagemaker, Quark Xpress and Indesign.
>>>>Yes, and it's ugly - the printers don't show any specific reason why they stop 

As someone using laptop with several (at least 6) different printers, I 
can say that there should be a warning in CUPS that the drivers for a 
lot of printers are incomplete and in many cases wrong.  You really 
can't rely on CUPS telling you that xxxx is the *recommended* printer. 
The Omni drivers seem especially lacking.

Furthermore, when they do work, they hang in the middle (with a message 
like "DATA RECEIVED") and in general they are much slower.

I was using the turboprint drivers a few years ago and was very happy -- 
for example, with turboprint you could print .tex files and it would do 
the processing in the background and just give you the PS result -- but 
when the big push for CUPS came it was more difficult to use turboprint 
for some reason.

Greg Pittman

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