[Scribus] A bug?

Owen Cook rcook
Mon Jun 7 08:17:17 CEST 2004

Create 2 landscape pages one under the other

Create 2 (approx equal) text boxes on each page

Call the text boxes

 1  2
 3  4

Get text and chain it to 1->2->3->4 No problems.

Change the ordering

 4  1
 2  3

and try text chaining 1->2->3->4

The text doesn't appear in 4, though if you export it as pdf, it is there.

Also scribus then takes up all the cpu (->99%)

This is with CVS 6 Jun and 1.1.17 and CVS 14 May(in Knoppix 3.4)

I was able to make a mini pamphlet properly with CVS 31/31 May on a Pll,
but find it hard to beleive that a switch to an XP2600 would cause this

Any one like to try and repeat the exercise and tell me if its a bug or
just me (as usual)


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