[Scribus] Few problems

Tom tjakabfy
Thu Jun 3 23:01:44 CEST 2004

Page number solution see lower down

C?dric GEMY wrote:

>I'm using Scribus to write a 250 pages book about gimp. Some remarks (I'm using
>the scribus1.2cvs.deb version ) :
>- when I select text and delete it, it deletes the selection and the next letter
>- paragraphs styles named Copy of are automatically generated even if they don't
>appear in the source file
>- Find/replace works only in the current frame. If the frame is linked to
>another the command doesn't follow this frame.
>- I don't see anything to lock a frame position
>- it could be useful to add shortcuts to paragraph styles and to import functions
>- when editing a paragraph style using indentation and a different first line
>indentation, the later is automatically reset to the lobal indentation.
>- we cannot base a style on another
>- I've put a frame containing page number (ctrl#, or i'm french it seem to be
>Ctrl AltGr 3) in a template, but in the document I only can get number from 0 to
>9 : i.e. 25 is 5, 52 is 2 ...
To get numbers above 9 use the page number key TWICE, you have to have 
space for a number (put two Ctrl AltGr 3) side by side on your template 
page. For pages > 99 put 3 Ctrl AltGr 3 side by side in the template page.

- frame border doesn't always work, and sometimes no border is printed 

>it is defined in the properties.
>And at last questions :
>- when exporting a PDF, are pictures linkend or included in the document (i try
>to print without pictures, those didn't print but it was Ok whan I got back my
>- is there an solutions to define a hand made hyphenation
>- id for a permanent space (for example, I don't want that at the end of a line
>a : be separated from the preceding word.
>Wow, is't it ? I hope those remarks can be useful. May be there just due to a
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