[Scribus] Your favorite CRT Monitor.

Steve Herrick steveh
Wed Jun 2 12:05:27 CEST 2004

John Culleton wrote:

>It is time for the hardware to catch up to the software. I 
>am shopping for a large (19" or bigger) color monitor with 
>adjustable gamma for work in Scribus, littleCMS and so on. 
>Obviously cost is a consideration.  
>So what is your favorite make/model?
>Also, is anyone doing serious color work witth a flat panel 
>display? I am told that the color shift from different 
>viewing angles rules them out, but what is your view?

I have a closely-related question - can anyone speak to how Linux (and 
Gentoo in particular) handles wide-screen monitors? Do you have to do 
special configurations to make it send the right ratio, or does it just 
figure it out?


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