[Scribus] altkey or F12 fro special chars

ephemeron ephemeron
Fri Jul 30 03:55:53 CEST 2004

On 29. July 2004 at 12:50PM -0700,
bart at solozone.com wrote:

> On lap tops, Alt-<key> may cause problems with the numeric key
> pad. Enabling these by Fn, if that exists, depends on the make
> and model. Does ANYBODY use the numeric keypad on the big key
> boards? I use one right now and I have NEVER hit its right most
> keys!  Actually F12 seems like a bright idea.

Any prefix would do (Ctrl, Alt, even the Windows key) so long as
the combination doesn't conflict with an "accepted" system
short-cut.  But having the user input some esoteric hex, octal or
decimal code is not user-friendly at all.  Why not a key
combination with graphic mnemonics built in?  Want to get the
"Spanish" "n" in "Sto. Nino"?  Type ~n.  The "French" "e" in
"fiancee"?  Type 'e.  I know this is already a "feature" of some
X or *n*x console keymaps.  Why not have a similar feature in

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