[Scribus] Scribus Friendly Print Shops

Maciej Hanski ma_han2000
Thu Jul 29 23:09:19 CEST 2004

Hi everybody,

> Just thinking out loud: after a correct output from a "Scribus made 
> PDF", the shop could be gratified by that little logo as a gift. 
> After all, he would have met the basic obligations to be rewarded 
> that logo!
> At same level of importance (even more important maybe?) is that 
> every document done with Scribus is an ambassador of the program. A 
> note or a small, one color logo, could bear any such document to 
> acknowledge this fact and let people know about Scribus.

This logo stuff could be a pretty good incentive for everybody: users,
print shops, DTP guys...

I think, we would need some art work (mega, where are you?)  in at least
three categories:

1. "Scribus made PDF" logos, freely available for Scribus users: 
pretty vector graphics of different size and flavours, to be optionally
attached to the output files, something like a signature 

2. "Scribus Friendly" logos meant for print shops etc., freely
available: these graphics would allow some print shops to indicate on
their websites and in their promotional materials: "Hey, Scribus users,
you are welcome. Perhaps we are not experienced with Scribus and Scribus
made PDFs yet, but we are ready to take the risk".

3. "Scribus Approved" logos for print shops from Peter's printer
registry on the Scribus website: graphics meant for print shops that
meet some basic obligations (different levels as indicated by Craig
Ringer and others),  tested and reported as "Scribus friendly" by
Scribus users, and admitted by Scribus Team.


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