[Scribus] Fonts

Martin Costabel costabel
Thu Jul 29 20:30:03 CEST 2004

Louis Desjardins wrote:

> Can you tell me exactly how to do that with a Mac running OS X (Panther) 
> and Fink and X11?

Here is one possibility:

(You have to run these commands as root, "sudo -s")
1. Make a directory in /sw/lib/X11/fonts, let's say
   /sw/lib/X11/fonts/newfonts. Go there:
   cd /sw/lib/X11/fonts/newfonts
2. Copy your fonts there. If they are not in ttf form, use fondu to make 
3. Run
   xfontpath install newfont
4. Restart X11, start scribus

If you are lucky, it works. It seems that scribus does not accept all 
fonts that show up in X11. Sometimes a font appears in the scribus font 
list, but when you select it, it disappears from the list. I haven't yet 
understood this. Probably something wrong with these fonts, I guess.


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