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Louis Desjardins louisdesjardins
Wed Jul 28 15:35:56 CEST 2004

Hi everyone,

I was away for a few days and just got back. Took the time to read 
all the posts... Wow! No time to rest!

OK. I like the idea of the Scribus Friendly Shop. As a first thought, 
I think there is more to "new idea" acceptance than anything else 
here. As long as the shop's workflow can handle PDF files, I don't 
see how they could not deal with Scribus made PDFs.

This said, the main problem we face everyday is "assumption"... Lots 
of people "assume" that prepress houses w i l l accept anything on 
the fly... Of course, we can deal with lots of files, lots of kind of 
files and we are prepared like good soldiers to handle any 
situation... But hey! Does that mean the phone doesn't exist anymore? 
or that email is of age... C O M M U N I C A T I O N !!!  let's 
share! let's communicate!

- Hi! I am new to you and let me introduce myself... I want to send 
you files for output. Do you accept PDFs? Do you have specific needs? 
Can you make corrections if my file does not meet exactly your own 
specs? And just how precise do you want the file to be? Would you 
prefer native files from the original application?

Can anyone tell me if he/she gots a client who ever asked those questions?!

OK, I must admit some people do ask these questions!

But in general, people just throw their files in and let you deal 
with them. I must say we became pretty good at that over the years, 
will the "help" of lots of costly software and with lots of time.

Not all PDFs are created equal and this is a reality we face 
everyday. Not all RIPs can deal with all kind of PDFs and this is one 
reason why the graphic art industry has proposed a common denominator 
such as PDF/X-1 and its subsequent flavours (google for more on 
that). But the existence of a standard doesn't mean everyone is using 

In that sense, I find more than very useful that Scribus, without the 
help of any other application, can produce a reliable PDF.

A "Scribus Friendly Logo" would put Scribus in front and I like the 
idea of having people talk more and more of Scribus. On the other 
hand, I wonder if the real issue doesn't rely more into the PDFs 
friendliness of Scribus than on "native files" with which there is a 
strong possibility of messing up with fonts (one of the biggest issue 
in prepress)?

PDFs produced by Scribus are sound and fair. I would strongly 
recommend anyone using Scribus to output their files as PDFs, not to 
forget to discuss previously any compatibility issues and make a 
simple test with a typical page, with that one friendly printer of 
your choice.

Just thinking out loud: after a correct output from a "Scribus made 
PDF", the shop could be gratified by that little logo as a gift. 
After all, he would have met the basic obligations to be rewarded 
that logo!

At same level of importance (even more important maybe?) is that 
every document done with Scribus is an ambassador of the program. A 
note or a small, one color logo, could bear any such document to 
acknowledge this fact and let people know about Scribus.



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>"M. P. Dickens" <mpdickens at tlanta.com> wrote:
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>>  Why not create a "Scribus Friendly" logo that print shops can place on
>>  their website and put
>>  into their printed advertising?  You know, something colorful and that
>>  catches the eye of the
>>  reader... It would be great advertising for the project and open
>>  source in general.
>>  The fact is, this project, the quality of the code that is being
>>  produced and the quality of the
>>  end product itself stands to have more of an impact on open source
>>  computing than any other
>>  project to date (Including the GIMP, which until now, was the only
>>  real killer app in open source).
>>  Of course, this is MHO, but I believe time, editorials and most
>>  importantly, Scribus users will prove this to
>  > be correct.
>>  Best regards
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