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Sebastian Röder sebroeder
Sat Jul 17 13:07:46 CEST 2004

Hi Jon,

i didn`t manage to write to the inscape mailing list as annonymous user so 
maybe I can write my short "feature request" here:

I work a lot with Scribus (at least in last weeks) and want to work with 
Inkscape to create graphics for my Scribus layouts. But the  German 
tranlation for inkscape is not up to date (I guess around 80% not translated) 
so it is realy hard for the first steps to get to know how things work in 
inkscape. I already wrote a Email to the former translater (I found an Email 
adress in the .po file) but he was the old sodipodi translater and will nor 
update the inkscape .po anymore. Seems like there is a German translater 
missing! And seems like I have to sign for the inkscape mailinglist as well.
Maybe you can add my little request to the inkscape list for now?

Sebastian Roeder - German Scribus (and one day Inkscape) user  

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