[Scribus] additional bugreport to bug 884 and bug 746

Craig Bradney cbradney
Thu Jul 15 11:55:14 CEST 2004

> >
> > Print preview uses postscript and postscript doesnt support
> > transparencies. Pure white is converted to transparent on preview if
> > viewing transparency is turned on for an appearance of how it will look.
> OK, this makes sense - so due to the ps limitations, my little "pampapaper" 
> background with opacity doesn`t show opacity - right? But the "workaround" 
> for transparency is OK.
> > The issue with the background gradient overwriting the JPG is now fixed
> > in CVS.
> OK, printpreview works fine now - just the opacity isn`t shown as written 
> above. But which background gradient are you talking about? I didn`t set one 
> for the page. Does Scribus provide one for the print preview?

There is one for the image frame. Select it and look on the colours tab
of properties palette for fill colour.

> Thanks for all the good work so far.
> I will use the bugtracker for the future since this is what it is for ;-) and 
> mark things that should be discussed first on the mailing list (feature 
> requests) with "discussion:" or something like this - I hope this makes 
> things easier for you!

Yep.. much easier to track there :) Thanks

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