[Scribus] commandline svg to pdf converter?

Karsten Heymann kheymann
Wed Jul 14 11:30:21 CEST 2004

Hello Scribus people,

a week ago I had the problem to convert several svg graphics to pdf
format on my linux system (for a presentation with pdflatex). I found
out that the only way to get those pdf's was to use svg import and pdf
export from scribus, which worked great!! Now I'd like to know wether
there is a possibility to use this functionality from the commandline
(or from python), because firing up scribus only for a simple conversion
seems a bit overkill to me. 

I roughly skimmed the mailinglist archives of the last months but found
nothing into this area.

btw, I was really impressed by the advancements scribus made since I
looked last! For more dtp-like tasks I will certainly consider it now.


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